omgomg, X-MEN!! So in love with them..

hmm, still remember i used to watch their cartoon and guess what's my favourite character? STORM. The super cool woman but one thing scary abt her is her eyeballs when she started summoning those lightning and stuff. All their powers and fightings are so cool and thrilling k~ Omg, especially JEAN. She's da most cool one, she's damm scary. I think when i watched her scenes, i grabbed dar's hand so hard that i din even realised. LOL~ wolverine still as powerful as before.. (did i get the spelling wrong?)

I heard from friends that the director said there will be no X-MEN4, but i doubt so. The ending about magneto give us a conclusion there will be. And if u stay longer after the show, there's this short scene that also gives us another conclusion that Charles – the professor din die. We shall seee…

happy anniversary day watching happy show with baby and frens…

p.s. This blogskin is very style and nice right?!!!



why is there no new themes for me?

I need a change of looook…………………for my bloggie..

myself…i wana rebond my hair soon….around $150+ after 20% nets discount?! Maybe I will dye my hair first…

*virus attack~

awww, i am sick! i cant even remember when's the last time i was sick.

Went bedok polyclinic to see doctor and took Mc. Baby drove all the way from his house to accompany me. Had lunch with him and song. He's in a real bad state now~ Can u imagine u cant bend ur back while u are eating, sleeping, standing, worst of all SHITTING. Poor buddy!! Hope his upcoming operation gona be fine and at least helps abit for his spine/back. I heard is because his back muscle is too weak?!

After that, we proceeded to baby's house. Slept the whole afternoon and just slack for rest of the day. Had a few games of pool (outside house) before he sent me home just now. 

By the way, dont forget to catch MISSION IMPOSSIBLE 3. Fantastic show with real attracting Tom Cruise and gorgeous Mrs. Cruise(i duno her real name =x) and Maggie.Q!  *thumbs up*

sh*t f*kers

i am so damm fking pissed, PISSED , IRRITATED , FOUL MOOD!!

fk the whoever who got no fking consideration mind.

fk the whoever who 'spoilt' one of my fav colour top.

fk him/her.

this fker knew the top or bottom or undies gona drip coloured water, pls fking make the cloth stop dripping in the first place, so that MY FAV BEAUTIFUL EMERALD GREEN COLOUR TOP WONT GET DYED BY YOUR SUPER FKING DARK BLUE COLOUR. FOR GOODNESS I ONLY GOT ONE TOP IN THIS FAV COLOUR AND ITS NOT SOLD ANYWHERE ANYMORE. !@#$#%@%@#$#$#$

ok..*calm down* so my mummy consoled me that she will go NTUC to look for this colour to try and help dye back. I hope they do sell this beautiful colour. *pray*

tommorow maybe catching MI:3 with baby, monday maybe catching POSEIDON with colleagues..wee!! btw, happy vesak day!!

enjoy the public holiday and weekends~

Played badminton with baby today, I had been nagging him for weeks to exercise with me. Haha~ Could not get a court at the nearby cc so we went to the park behind to play. Not a bad spot cuz wind blocked by trees. But one bad thing is – MOSQUITO invation.

After bathe, i rest awhile and the boy played maple lahz. Angry till i fell aslp =x Around 8pm+ he finally came up to 'hong' me. Get changed and went to bedok to fetch jol then suntec. Caught a movie with baby and his bro and jol – Aquamarine. It's not as nice as i expected. Normal teen girls movie. Target age group too young le. Not for us. Rating: 3/5

Proceeded to grandlink for numberball, but the counter girl said closing soon, cant open table. Went home in the end.

update time.

22th – went parkway fetch jolene then we went grandlink. Watched baby, his bro and frens played number ball while me and jolene at one side calculating scores and money. As usual played til 3am+ and went to have teochew porridge for supper.

24th – i wore the butterfly top and my long white skirt to work. Haha, colleagues all asked why i wear so nice and feminine !! =x After work, It's like heavy downpour outside. All my colleagues are so sweet, they worried abt my long skirt wet. Specially gave one of my colleague a bigger umbrella to walk me to mrt and the other 3 shared a small one. *touched* Anyway, safely reached the mrt despite getting a lil wet on my shoulder and totally wet feets. Went all the way back to tampines and rushed to buy tickets for 'eight below'. So excited to catch the show!!

Loitered around while waiting for baby to arrive. He had to wait for his dad to return then gt car drive! Met him outside crystal jade restaurant. We had the 2person meal – $38 + another plate of sesame sauce fried chicken wing. What to say but YUMMILICIOUS! Oh, not forgetting the red bean desert and the soup is nice!! I GONA EAT THE SET AGAIN!! Enjoyed the meal til around 8pm+, then proceed to do some tibits shopping at NTUC. Rest in car awhile then strolled to the cinema le.

The show is nice nice nice.. simply in love with the huskySs..CUTE! SMART! OBEDIENT! Rather sad and touching for a few parts. I bet you will get scared by one part if u did caught the show. Overall, i cried once and the ending was abit too rush. But not bad! Rating: 4/5 =]

28th – Went century sq to catch a horror movie with my colleagues. It's a jap horrow show 'Reincarnation'. The show gt zombies, scared the hell outa me. And my dear colleague still keep scaring me. -_-l s0bz~ Went straight home after that.

* is coming….

omg omg… it's like 'huh!!' – baby got his ns letter le, going for bmtc school on 7th of July. Gosh!! It's like 81 days from now!! Can I tag along?? *whines*

2years anniversary is coming very very soon too.. =p I bought a levis jeans for baby, it cost me $135.50 =x *bOom*.. so glad he love his first levis jeans. Quite practical gift right..can wear it casually daily too =x and the material can last very very long for around million years!!

ok, that's all. Nothing to update about work yea… OH, rem to catch 'EIGHT BELOW' k ~ i gona catch it next monday~~~~ Cant wait man!

Bachelor degree.

Hey friendz, I have made up my mind le.

Tommorow, I will go down to S.I.M to apply for my bachelor program. I will be studying full-time 'Bachelor of Science in Accounting and Finance' from University of London. The program will start in August. It will take me around 3years. So, I will be quitting my job around mid-july ~ Bless me with my study k =]

Updates about work: Today, I made a mistake because of my blur-ness. Nothing very serious but just waste more time lo. Tommorow, I have to redo everything that i did today ba~

Going malaysia(father's side) again tomorrow night and coming back on friday night, the purpose of trip is to visit my grandma lo…

On sunday, I caught the movie "failure to launch" – nice and funny show. Shall blog again about the show.

Damm..very tired now…zzzz… c u peeps!

eternity bliss

i love watching old couples joking and chatting to each other.
i love to watch them hold hands, walking side by side.

i love watching them kissing each other with a smile.

lazy bum bum

i admit i was lazy to blog. *hiakz*

ok lahz..briefly give an update k.

malaysia trip
– reached there around 3am+. Woke up early the next morning to went sao mu. Slacked at cousin’s house. Had my fav penang laksa (not eaten in penang) and ice with syrup flavouring and MILK.. yummilicious~*
– had dinner with my aunts and uncles.
– Chill out at night with my 3 cousins. Chit-chat and enjoying nice seaview.
– watched cousin fish, riding bikes here and there (envious?!)
– due to rain, didnt get the chance to drive around. Sad.
– went fast shopping with mummy and biaomei..went so many shops. And in the end only bought one pant and maybeline lip balm.
– found out something shocking which clear the awdward-ness in my heart which had already stayed there for like one year plus =]
– rushed back and sing k-ge with biaomei.
– had dinner with alot aunts and uncles and cousins again..til 8pm+ then set off.
– reached singapore around 3am+…

Let u all read this part ist….shall blog again tmr….wordpress gt some small errors going no.. spoilt my beautiful mood to blog =p

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